Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have seriously been MIA from my blog, although I read everyone elses. To be honest, I have been kind of hesitant to start blogging; for several reasons. Are people really going to read this? What if my opinions are too much? What if I am not interesting enough? A bunch of thoughts have been running through my head, but eventually I just figured I would give it a try. My first two blogs were set up from my friend Jaime ( She talked me into blogging; so here I go.... Please follow me as I share my life one step at a time as a Newlywed :) I promise to post some wedding pictures soon or you can check this link out and get a quick preview.

Speak to you soon!


  1. Yay!!! So happy you are back :) I will do a blog post about you!

  2. Found you via "Shrimp and Glitz." Welcome to the bloggie world!

    Congratulations on your marriage. Beautiful photo, by the way.

    Happy to be your newest follower.

  3. YAYAYA!!!! You are blogging again. PS my cell is broke. I haven't had one since Sat. So if you need to get a hold of me call Erik's phone.

  4. I initially created my blog for family - they always ask "what's new in your life" and after spending an entire Christmas weekend updating my family, I decided to start a blog so they can update themselves :-) Call me lazy! But it's a great way to share stories and pictures with family and friends.

    Good luck! You already have 33 followers which is more than I have after 2.5ish years!

    The Darling Redhead