Monday, April 19, 2010


On Saturday, I went to the Block House Steeplechase in Tryon, NC. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time! I wanted to share some photos from the race:


  1. So I was looking at my newest followers, and the newest was Brooke Jackson, she's only following a couple of blogs, and one of them was yours...I liked the name of your blog, so I clicked on it. So random, my mom is from Spartanburg, went to Dorman, then Clemson, her maiden name is Thompson. I've got a sister (#6 of 6 girls in the family) at USC, but she's just finishing up here sophomore year there. Love your blog, even with only one post so far. :) You'll soon find out, blogging is a lot of fun! Good luck!

    xo, Your Newest Follower

  2. Looks like fun! Have fun blogging!